AFN Toolkit Unit Plan

Getting Started

Incorporating the Assembly of First Nations Education Toolkit Unit Plan into your classroom is easy! The Unit Plan was created to make learning about First Nations Peoples an engaging, enlightening, and inspiring experience for your students. Explore the introduction, preparation sections, and the lesson plan resources to become knowledgeable and prepared to effectively implement the Unit Plan into your classroom.


The Assembly of First Nations Education Toolkit Unit Plan was developed by the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) Languages and Learning Sector and draws on It’s Our Time: The AFN EducationToolkit, including the following books appropriate for grades 7 to 10:

AFN Toolkit Books


These books are available on the AFN Toolkit: It’s Our Time, as are other resources that could be incorporated into the unit. It is important that educators become familiar with the content of these books prior to implementing the Unit Plan, as the books are the basis for the learning in this unit, and students may have questions about the books. The Unit Plan can be used with both First Nations and non-First Nations students. It is advisable to have students create a classroom contract (See Appendix 4 in Appendices) or community agreement that shows their willingness to respect and recognize any difficult conversations that may occur. Educators are encouraged to have the following resources available for students who may be impacted emotionally by the material: 

Emotional Support Links