Plain Talk 4: Treaties

4.1.5 Modern Treaties in Canada: 1975‑Present

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Modern Treaties in Canada: 1975‑Present

Modern treaties are also known as comprehensive land claims agreements. A Standing Senate Committee on Aboriginal Peoples report states that “Treaties are solemn agreements that set out promises, obligations, and benefits for both the Aboriginal peoples and the Crown in right of Canada.”

View the Mi’kmaq Education Act.

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Modern Treaties/Comprehensive Land Claims and Self Government Agreements


Education Agreements

  • 1997

    Anishinabek Nation (Union of Ontario Indians) Education Final Agreement

  • 1998

    Mi’kmaq Education Act

  • 2006

    First Nations Jurisdiction over Education in British Columbia Act

For a more comprehensive list of agreements under various stages of negotiation, please visit the Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada website.

View the Mi'kmaq Education Act.

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