Plain Talk 4: Treaties


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Borrows, John. “Canada’s Indigenous Constitution.” Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2010.

Borrows, John “Wampum at Niagara: The Royal Proclamation, Canadian Legal History, and Self-Government,” in Aboriginal and Treaty Rights in Canada, ed. Michael Asch. Vancouver: UBC Press, 1997, 155.

Canada in the Making: Aboriginals: Treaties & Relations:

Canada. Standing Senate Committee on Aboriginal Peoples. (May 2008). Honouring the Spirit of Modern Treaties: Closing the Loopholes, Special Study on the implementation of comprehensive land claims in Canada, Interim Report.

First Nations in Canada:

First Nations Treaties in Canada:

Kinikinik: A Treaty Play by Ian Ross, Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba: 2010.

Prince Albert Grand Council. eCulture:

The Manitoba Treaty Education Initiative Tool Kit, developed by the Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba (TRCM).

The Saskatchewan Treaty Kit K-12, developed by the Office of the Treaty Commissioner.

Treaties & Cultural Change:

Treaties with Aboriginal People in Canada:

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